Welcome Breakfast

Welcome Breakfast

New for 2019, we are introducing breakfast networking opportunities to attendees at the Annual Scientific Meeting. Kick Start your day with this great new addition to the conference!

The sessions will be held on the mornings of  Tuesday 2nd April and Wednesday 3rd April, this is a chance for you to visit tables that include BSH committees and specialised interest groups, this is an excellent opportunity to find out about the great work that the BSH is involved in and discover how you can get involved.  The breakfast sessions do not require you to sign up in advance, although numbers are limited to encourage an engaging and interactive discussion. A light breakfast will also be provided to all attendees. Be sure to add these sessions to your agenda!

Tuesday 2nd April – 07:00-08:00- M1

Table Details 
BSH Board
(Katy Amberley and Anne Parker)


Would you like to stand for election to the BSH Trustee Board next year?  Do you want to contribute to the Society’s future strategy?  Dr Anne Parker, Board Secretary is hosting a breakfast table at the ASM, and will be happy to answer questions and advise the curious!  Anne also chairs the new Nominations, Governance and Awards Committee, and is looking for BSH members to join her and get the important work of this new committee fully underway.  We are particularly looking for trainees, scientists and nurses to apply.


Education Committee
(Fiona Miall)


Do come and join us for breakfast if you are interested in finding out more about the BSH Education committee, which has been running since 2010. We are an active group of consultants, a clinical scientist, specialist trainees and medical students committed to promoting Haematology education via interactive teaching events, education meetings and on-line resources. We have vacancies on the committee coming up later this year. 


Obstetric Specialist Interest Group
(Sue Pavord and Beverley Hunt)


Obstetric haematology is a growing area, with increasing complexity, although often the evidence base is poor.

We will happily talk through any area the delegates wish- we will ask for areas that we need to cover at the start.

If there are no specific demands we would particularly like to discuss updates in the management of common problems in pregnancy:  iron deficiency, ITP, Previous VTE etc


Global Specialist Interest Group
(Stephen Hibbs and Imelda Bates)


We would like to welcome delegates at the ASM who are visiting from low and middle income countries, or who have an interest in global haematology. At this breakfast we will share about some of the current projects that the global special interest group are involved in. We also hope to hear from delegates about haematology at their own centres, while we eat breakfast together.



Wednesday 3rd April – 07:30 – 08:30 – M1

Table Details

BSH Guidelines
(Jo Howard and Shubha Allard)


The development of BSH guidelines is an important part of the work of the BSH and these are highly valued by clinical and laboratory teams within hospitals and of course trainees. Some of the themes we will be discussing are as follows:

  • How to write a guideline
  • What makes a good topic for a guideline
  • How you can get involved in writing or reviewing guidelines.
  • Joining a guideline task force
  • Joining the sounding board
  • What guidelines are we are writing at the moment
  • How can we promote implementation of guidelines

The Chair and Vice-Chair of the Guidelines Group and the Task Force Chairs will be available to answer your questions and we hope to inspire you to get involved in the development of BSH guidelines. We look forward to seeing you!


Lymphoma Specialist Interest Group  
(Kate Cwynarski)


The British Society for Haematology (BSH) Lymphoma Special Interest Group (SIG) primarily has an educational role. The educational events cover both the clinical aspects of lymphoma diagnosis and management as well as basic scientific and translational science. We organise 1-2 educational events/year. Last Autumn we held a very popular meeting 'MDT Dilemmas' which we hope to repeat  in the future. At our annual spring meeting we will focus on genomics and Waldenström’s macroglobulinaemia and this Autumn on T-cell Lymphoma in a joint meeting with the British Lymphoma Pathology Group. We aim to extend our membership with colleagues representing specialist nursing and members in training. This networking session will be an opportunity to hear more about the work the BSH Lymphoma SIG does and how you can get involved.


2020 feedback table
(Janet McCready)


BSH 2020 sees the 60th anniversary of BSH and we would like you to be a part of it.  Come and hear about the initial plans for the anniversary year, share your stories and discover how you can get involved.  Our anniversary activities will not only celebrate the milestones to date in the development of haematology but will also look to the future and how we can inspire the next generation.


(Sonia Wolf)


In this session, Dr Sonia Wolf will explore with attendees how their ideas and practice may have changed since the Crucible, as well as share her own experiences of working with BSH, the Royal College of Physicians and the Sickle Cell Society, towards long-lasting change in the perception and care of patients with sickle cell disease. She will also meet this year’s winner to discuss their ideas on the theme “How can Haematology change the world?"


(Suthesh Sivapalaratnam, Noemi Roy)


At the genomics working party breakfast table we will be there to answer any genomics related question you would have. If we cannot give you a concise answer, we will help you by connecting you to someone who can. Come and have a look at sample reports from targeted next-generation sequencing panels and whole genome sequencing.  Confused about what makes a variant pathogenic or not?  Come and learn hands-on how to start telling them apart.  Also we would like to hear from the membership what our working party can do for you. Would you need us to organise teaching? Would you like us to have more information on the website? What kind of information would that be? We look forward to meeting you at the ASM.


Teenage and Young Adult Specialist Interest Group
(Caroline Furness, Ben Utthenthal )


The British Society for Haematology (BSH) Teenage Young Adult (TYA) Special Interest Group (SIG) aims to support multi-disciplinary education for haematology professionals, to advocate for TYA haematology research and to promote excellence in TYA care. We organise 1 – 2 educational events per year and have a TYA speaker session at BSH 2019 for the first time. We welcome membership from trainees, nurse specialists and allied health professionals as well as consultants. We would be delighted to discuss at the breakfast table the role of the SIG, to hear new ideas for potential initiatives in 2019 – 2020 and to meet new potential members. To date the SIG has mainly focused on malignant haematology and we would be keen to meet and hear from benign haematologists to hear their thoughts on how the TYA SIG may expand its role in this area.